As Above, So Below

As Above So Below is Jessica's collaboration with artist Louise Androlia.  Jessica and Louise found inspiration in a 1940s photograph of a woman dressed in a clown costume, who they named 'Celeste'.
Further influences include astrology, embracing the concept of 'the present', creating a personal and evocative range of jewellery.
Signs within the collection include infinity, awakened eye and the Zodiac, all skilfully recreated through Louise's illustrations. Each symbol is individually engraved and hand-stamped to form Jessica's signature wax seals and placed in a special and symbolic setting, designed to bring the wearer inner power and understanding.

Spinning Zodiac Identity Ring
Mini Winking Dolly Eye Ring
Spinning Winking Eye Ring
Mini Moon Swoon Ring
Zodiac Ring
Zodiac Hand Ring

From £215

Moon Swoon Ring - Diamonds
Small Zodiac Necklace
Moon Seal Necklace with Dancing Hands
Hand Hoop Earrings by Jessica de Lotz JdL Jewellery
Single Arrow Earring
Hand engraving by Jessica de Lotz, JdL Jewellery
JdL Jewellery Hug Bangle
Zodiac Identity Cufflinks
Bow and Arrow Earrings
Shooting Heart Earrings Jessica de Lotz
zodiac charms.jpg
Zodic Chain Bracelet
Helping Hand Charm
Zodiac Wax Seal Key Chain
bow and arrow w diam sq.jpg
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"Jessica de Lotz's jewels are the dream collision of  sexy, chic and cool."  

- Polly Vernon